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Adelaide Cat Enclosures use provide rugged construction, practical application & competitively priced cat enclosures of the highest quality.

No two cat owners’ requirements are the same. Stephen Decker has 6 years with pet enclosure layout & construction Let us quote and build a Pet park to suit your budget & needs.

Ace pride themselves as leaders in responsible cat ownership embracing concepts endorsed by  the Animal Welfare League SA, Vets, Councils, many cat breeders ,cat owners and supported by the RSPCA.

Responsible pet ownership is paramount : a pet is for life!

Our parks are designed to protect your cat from the dangers and problems of wandering - from harmful encounters with other cats, hunting & traffic accidents. Use for protection from dogs and modification for protection against snakes is common.

Our products are pet parks that can be custom designed & built by Stephen Decker, a dedicated cat owner of Mia & Thomas; a modular pet park is a proven way to protect your cats and enrich your environment.

Benefits are many – your cats are in a secure, controlled environment. You will know where they are. No more free range wandering - happy neighbours! Birds and other wildlife will be protected from the inevitable results of your cats natural hunting instincts.

Parks are configured to suit your needs & can be altered, extended & relocated when you move.

Where is your cat now ? I know where mine is!